March 3, 2017

Kaufman And Silvercup Studios Boost Western Queens


Since Kaufman Astoria Studios was founded in 1920 and Silvercup Studios, which is the largest studio in the five boroughs, was built in 1983 at a former bakery building, the studios have attracted businesses, restaurants and art groups to the up-and-coming residential areas where they are located. However, the influx didn’t occur until 2004, when the state implemented a tax incentive to spur film and TV production. That incentive, now an annual $420 million, has allowed for hit shows and movies to be filmed at the studios, leading to the increase in young adult and families wanting to live in the area.

The increase in films has resulted in an increase in staff and an increase in working commuters every day. According to Kaufman Astoria Studios executives, between 200 and 400 people work on an average television series—including writers, costume and set designers, location scouts and production assistants.

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