City’s billion-dollar film biz booms as companies fight for streaming dollars

For decades the open secret about films and TV shows set in the Big Apple was that they were not actually shot here. Jerry Seinfeld’s Upper West Side apartment was on a Los Angeles soundstage. NYPD Blue detectives mostly roamed a Hollywood back lot. Even a 2003 television movie about Rudy Giuliani was mainly shot

New York’s Film Studios Are Ready for Their Closeup

As Hal Rosenbluth tells it, it was the 59th Street Bridge that was the problem. “It was the days of Woody Allen, Alan Pakula, and Sidney Lumet, because they were the New Yorkers that were working here,” he said. The studio’s fortunes changed when a local news station interviewed a crew member working on an

Studios have Brought an Economic Boom to Western Queens

After nearly 60 years building sets for the film and TV industry, LeNoble Lumber decided to shutter its Hell’s Kitchen facility and set up shop in Long Island City.

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“Greetings from KAS.”
- Lucky
“We are patiently waiting for the revival of Homeward Bound.”
- Lincoln
“Don’t let my bandana fool you – I’m the big man on campus around here.”
- Burger
“Make sure to visit us on Facebook and Twitter.”
- Taz
“What do you mean it’s time to go home?”
- Dusty
“I cannot wait for my next playdate at KAS.”
- Jane
“Today has been ruff. Playdate, anyone?”
- Blue