City Film Studios Betting on Strong Second Half After Restrictions Lift

New York’s film studios are betting big on a quick rebound for the industry when production returns from its pandemic-induced hiatus. Expansion plans from Kaufman Astoria Studios and Steiner Studios in Brooklyn are set to continue once construction is allowed, and developers for new studios in Queens and Yonkers confirmed their plans are on track.

More TV shows are calling New York home as demand for streaming content grows

New York (CNN Business) -On a soundstage near the Brooklyn waterfront, dozens of production staff are gathered around four actors as they perform a scene about the hunt for a missing ring. Camera people, sound and lighting techs, and a director hustle around the action. They are here to film a new episode of the

City’s billion-dollar film biz booms as companies fight for streaming dollars

For decades the open secret about films and TV shows set in the Big Apple was that they were not actually shot here. Jerry Seinfeld’s Upper West Side apartment was on a Los Angeles soundstage. NYPD Blue detectives mostly roamed a Hollywood back lot. Even a 2003 television movie about Rudy Giuliani was mainly shot

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