This Massive $2 Billion Cultural Hub Could Be Coming to Astoria

A corner of Astoria that is currently home to parking lots and industrial buildings could soon become home to a $2 billion arts and cultural hub with new shops, restaurants and thousands of new apartments. Real estate developer Larry Silverstein, BedRock Real Estate Partners, ODA Architecture and Kaufman Astoria Studios are working together to redevelop five

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Astoria is ready for its close-up, thanks to a partnership between Kaufman Astoria Studios, Silverstein, and BedRock to expand the Kaufman Arts District and grow the neighborhood’s culture hub into a center of business, cultural, educational, social, and housing innovation.  

Reopening Kaufman Astoria Studios: A Conversation with Hal Rosenbluth, President/CEO

Kaufman Astoria Studios (KAS), located at 34-12 36th St., has become one of Hollywood’s go-to destinations for some of the largest names in the film and television industry. Today, KAS offers industry professionals over 500,000 sq.ft. of space for sound stages, production, and service, and employs thousands. So, as with countless other industries when the current COVID-19 pandemic hit, everything was put on hold.

Recently Shot
“Don’t let my bandana fool you – I’m the big man on campus around here.”
- Burger
“Make sure to visit us on Facebook and Twitter.”
- Taz
“Greetings from KAS.”
- Lucky
“We are patiently waiting for the revival of Homeward Bound.”
- Lincoln
“I cannot wait for my next playdate at KAS.”
- Jane
“Today has been ruff. Playdate, anyone?”
- Blue
“What do you mean it’s time to go home?”
- Dusty