Kaufman Astoria Studios Introduces its New Backlot

Kaufman Astoria Studios installed the striking new David Rockwell-designed gate located on 35th Avenue. It features a dramatically lit steel truss that rises 40 feet above the street that serves as a working catwalk for productions.

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Currently Filming at Kaufman Astoria Studios

Current productions at Kaufman Astoria Studios include hit television shows like Showtime’s Nurse Jackie, Netflix’s Orange is the New Black, Amazon’s Alpha House and Sesame Street which has been filming at the studio since 1992.

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The New Backlot Features

The Backlot at Kaufman Astoria Studios allows productions to construct temporary outdoor sets and shoot exterior and special effects shots within the campus. The lot is conveniently located adjacent to the sound stages, which supply power and support spaces, such as dressing rooms, production offices and set building workshops. 

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Optimized for efficiency

Since our rebirth in 1980, Kaufman Astoria Studios has established itself as one of the largest and most sophisticated film production centers in New York and the East Coast.

Home to movies and TV

Our versatility and emphasis on service has made KAS the studio of choice for countless productions. Long-time home of PBS's Sesame Street, and host to productions like Men in Black III, The Smurfs, and Nurse Jackie.

Feel empowered

KAS is the center of a bustling creative environment where shooting, pre- and post-production take place around the clock. We offer producers, directors and other industry professionals over 500,000 square feet of office and service space.