Here at Kaufman Astoria Studios, the health, safety and comfort of our clients and employees inside our campus is extremely important to us. Operating a safe studio is a top priority of our company. We have listened, watched, and learned from leading experts in the field in order to design and implement our COVID-19 Safety and Protection Protocol. Maintaining the health and well-being of everyone that enters our campus will remain the top priority and become all of our “New Normal.”

  • All Kaufman Astoria Studios clients, visitors, and employees (hereby collectively referred to as ‘guests’) are required to enter through our security booth on 35th Avenue. No one is allowed to enter the building through any other access point to ensure that no person accidentally enters any part of the campus without being screened and cleared to access.
  • At the security booth, all guests are required to take a contactless temperature check in our ‘Wellness Tent’. Any guest with a temperature reading higher than 100°F will not be permitted entry.
  • All guests are required to complete and sign our COVID-19 screening form.  Once cleared to enter guests are provided a dated badge they must wear or carry indicating they have passed the daily preventive screening.  Kaufman Astoria Studios reserves the right to restrict any and all access to any guest who does not comply.
  • We have installed numerous hand sanitizing stations, social distancing signs, face covering signs, and PPE disposal bins throughout the campus.
  • All guests are required to wear a face covering, over their mouth and nose, at all times while on campus, especially in public areas. All guests must keep 6 feet (or 1.5 meters) apart at all times while on campus.
  • We have expanded our cleaning staff who continuously disinfect all common areas and high touch surfaces (i.e. door handles, restrooms, elevator buttons, handrails etc.) daily. In addition to this, every weekend all public spaces of the campus – with particular focus on all high point of contact surfaces – are sprayed with a disinfectant solution that is rated and approved by the EPA for human coronaviruses.
  • We have set our HVAC units for maximum fresh air intake and have installed Merv -13 filters to all of our units.

For more information, or any questions, please contact our Operations Department at (718) 392-5600 and follow the prompts.

Stay safe!

Kaufman Astoria Studios