A Lifetime Spent Wandering Through Celluloid History

“It was like a scene out of ‘The Shining,’” said Pete Romano, recalling the way he used to zoom on his bicycle through the hallways at Kaufman Astoria Studios, a benefit of having an uncle on the facilities staff. Now Mr. Romano walks those hallways with his dog, Blue, trotting alongside and helping him check on things.

Kaufman And Silvercup Studios Boost Western Queens

The increase in films has resulted in an increase in staff and an increase in working commuters every day. According to Kaufman Astoria Studios executives, between 200 and 400 people work on an average television series—including writers, costume and set designers, location scouts and production assistants.

Studios have Brought an Economic Boom to Western Queens

“This neighborhood used to be full of vandalized buildings,” said Hal Rosenbluth, president of Kaufman Astoria. “Our goal wasn’t just to build a movie studio. It was to revitalize a neighborhood using the studio as a base.”

Recently Shot
“Today has been ruff. Playdate, anyone?”
- Blue
“What do you mean it’s time to go home?”
- Dusty
“Don’t let my bandana fool you – I’m the big man on campus around here.”
- Burger
“Greetings from KAS.”
- Lucky
“I cannot wait for my next playdate at KAS.”
- Jane
“We are patiently waiting for the revival of Homeward Bound.”
- Lincoln